Amanda Marcotte doesn’t understand the facts of life, but she’s somehow decided that when it comes to parenting, she’s got the fundamentals nailed:

No, really:

What would happen if parents embraced another possibility and actually accepted their teenagers’ sex lives, even going so far as to allow teenagers to have their boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over? After all, sleepovers will begin pretty much the second they walk out your door, so what’s the harm in letting it start a little earlier?

Allowing sleepovers in not a license for licentiousness. If anything, the practice even tends to reinforce the idea that sex is about relationships, whereas sneaking around lays the groundwork for the hookup culture that has caused so much hand-wringing of late. Parents actually have the power to lay the groundwork for more responsible behavior about sexual health and relationship management while making sex a little less illicit. Might not be such a terrible idea.

So many possible responses to that kind of garbage … but this one will do quite nicely:

She’s gross. Truly. But she couldn’t possibly get worse, right? Right?



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