Nope, it sure didn’t.

Last week, erstwhile college professor Hugo Schwyzer spilled his guts on Twitter, revealing an extensive history of using “sex and charm and whiteness” to manipulate his way into the worlds of academia and journalism. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well.

But just days after renewing his “pledge to leave social media,” the self-proclaimed “notorious bad-boy feminist” re-entered the Twitter ring once again, ostensibly to defend the media outlets who have published his work:

He certainly wasn’t shy about his state of mind:

He continued:

And while you’re at it, stop punishing progressives of pallor, too. Apparently, Schwyzer doesn’t approve of the way some feminists used his manic meltdown as a launchpad to highlight the hypocrisy of white liberal women.

Really? As a serial abuser himself, he’s not really in any position to pass judgment here.

If he insists that it’s “in his nature” to be dishonest and manipulative, can he truly feel sorry for what he’s done?

And his point is this:

Interesting that for a guy who eschews victimhood, he justifies all the disgusting, horrible things he has done by claiming he’s powerless to combat his natural tendencies. That may fly with The Daily Beast, who just wants to hear him out and make sure he’s OK, and with Feministe’s Jill Filipovic, who hopes we can move on from all of this and use it as a teachable moment for feminism:

But to just about everyone else, it’s pure, unadulterated B.S.: