This won’t end well — for Piers Morgan, that is.

As Twitchy reported, Morgan responded to the news that Megyn Kelly will soon be his 9 p.m. “competition” by telling the FNC anchor to “bring it on.” Oh Musket … as if! Ace of Spades rightly found Morgan’s pathetic puffbaggery absolutely hilarious, and he seized a golden opportunity to put the pompous jackass in his place:

He wasn’t bluffing:

Aw, yeah! Get some!

Don’t stop until it’s all been brung, yo.

Other generous folks were inspired to bring their own:

Good question. Let’s check with the expert:

Here’s another way to think about all this:

That is so true.

Uh-oh …

Ace ain’t playin’.

We love it when Ace drops little-known facts like that. And it makes for the perfect segue into a look at bringing it through the ages:

And of course:


You know what really done got brung today? Sheer. Brilliance.

Nonsense, dear Ace. You couldn’t stop bringing it if you tried.



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