Earlier this week, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham traveled to Egypt to meet with government officials, ostensibly to discuss an end to the country’s raging political discord. According to AP, they were handpicked for the mission by President Obama: “The McCain-Graham visit was carried out at U.S. President Barack Obama’s request.”

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns was also in Egypt. But according to a State Department spokesman, it’s Burns who was sent to represent the Obama administration:


OK, so, if Burns is the official White House representative, what are McCain and Graham doing there? Besides annoying the Egyptians, that is:

Does the Obama administration even know?

Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that McCain and Graham were in Egypt to represent the U.S. Congress. Not the Obama administration. Even though the two Senators reportedly  went there only because Obama asked them to.

Last we checked, the legislative and executive branches are separate. So the President now gets to decide who speaks on behalf of Congress?


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