The American Legislative Exchange Council is a favorite punching bag for the perpetually outraged Left, and today is no exception. In Chicago over the next few days for its annual meeting, the group has once again found itself the target of clueless liberal outrage:

Um, that doesn’t rhyme.

Yeah … more than a year later, lefties are still blaming ALEC for Trayvon Martin’s death:

These protesters apparently fail to see the irony of calling for gun control in Chicago. The Windy City’s highly restrictive gun laws foster murder rather than prevent it.

Yep. A die-in. That’s how you get people to take you seriously!

Good stuff.

On the docket for tomorrow, courtesy of a MoveOn Civic Action email:

The Chicago Federation of Labor, Jobs with Justice, Stand Up Chicago, Citizen Action Illinois, MoveOn and others are joining together to protest against this corporate funded organization that promotes state laws to benefit corporations, harm workers and suppress voter registration.

See you tomorrow!



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