No kidding.

Earlier today, U.S. drone strikes reportedly killed at least four suspected al-Qaida militants in Yemen. Now, after ordering numerous embassies and consulates closed this past weekend, the U.S. State Department is urging Americans in Yemen to leave.

But let them be clear: This is not an evacuation.

Oh no? What would the State Department call it, then? Because it sounds to us like Yemen, long a safe haven and breeding ground for terrorists, is only growing more and more dangerous. Mistakes were made during the Bush years, but instead of correcting them, the Obama administration has only made things worse. Its foolish catch-and-release policies don’t contain terrorism; they foster it:

Some Twitter users seem more upset about drone strikes than the terrorists who are threatening the safety of U.S. personnel:

Perhaps drone opponents should support keeping Gitmo detainees in custody rather than releasing them back to the Middle East to regroup and recruit. Fewer terrorists running free means a reduced need for drone strikes. Everybody wins … except the terrorists.



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