Commander Mark Kelly may be an authority on astronomical matters, but when it comes to the Second Amendment, he’s lost in space:

Kelly’s message:

For decades, the gun lobby has threatened electoral revenge on public officials who advocate for meaningful solutions to reduce gun violence. But we can stop that trend — right here, right now — in Colorado. Contribute to Americans for Responsible Solutions today to help us stop the recall of the two Colorado State Senators who helped pass background checks and a high capacity magazine ban.

This isn’t his first foray into Colorado politics. About two months after he and wife Gabby Giffords launched the goofily-named Americans for Responsible Solutions to combat the “ideological fringe” — aka proponents of the right to self-defense — Kelly went to Colorado to testify in favor of gun control legislation.

But Kelly’s ill-founded pleas failed to impress us then, and they’re definitely not persuading us now.

Imagine that.



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