There are snubs, and then there are snubs. When the list of Emmy nominees was revealed this morning, there was one glaring oversight. While his co-stars Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, and Scott Bakula received nods for their roles in HBO’s Liberace biopic “Behind the Candelabra,” Rob Lowe was hung out to dry.

What gives?

Well, that’s definitely possible. The man is dreamy. But really, there’s no good reason for Emmy giving him the cold shoulder. Lowe’s son Matthew knows it:

And so does his brother, actor Chad Lowe:

Hopefully the Emmy bigwigs are paying attention. Because a whole lot of viewers think Lowe was totally robbed:


In her book, and in our hearts. And the fact that he’s gracious in defeat makes him even more swoonworthy:

Perfection. You know what? He’s too good for the Emmys!



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