It’s fun to stay at the YMCA — unless you’re pro-life, evidently.

Students for Life America (SFLA), a pro-life group, had arrangements to use the showers at an Austin YMCA during its week-long Students #Stand4Life bus tour. But pro-abortion activists appear to have had other ideas:

More from SFLA’s press release:

“We had absolutely no problems on Monday night when we used their facilities.The YMCA management was respectful, but some angry pro-abortion activists were being very aggressive with YMCA staff members and the staff said they felt threatened,” said Brendan O’Morchoe, Director of Field Operations with SFLA. “Unfortunately, the anger and rage from the pro-abortion protestors has created a toxic environment even outside the Capitol Building.  It’s really a shame that the YMCA was bullied by these people, it just goes to show how pro–aborts operate every day.

“The YMCA has a long history of helping young people and always had an open door policy to everyone, yet we were turned away because of our pro-life beliefs. The YMCA rescinded their offer to help because of the complaints of a few people on one side of the abortion issue and we were discriminated against based on our political position.”

The tolerance mob strikes again.

Is the YMCA unwilling to stand behind the values it professes to cherish?

It’s time to stop caving to bullies. Enough is enough.


Editor’s note: The title and text of this post have been amended to reflect that Students for Life reported that YMCA management banned pro-life students for being “too political.” According to SFLA spokesperson Alexa Coombs, YMCA “staff felt threatened so they were not going to allow us to come back to use their showers.” The YMCA did not respond to “multiple calls and emails” from Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes.