You know how the Democrats are always boasting that they’ve got a leg up on the GOP and conservatives when it comes to branding and online presence? Apparently Alison Grimes’ staff didn’t get that memo.

Just yesterday, Grimes, currently serving as Kentucky’s secretary of state, announced that she would be running against GOP incumbent Mitch McConnell for U.S. Senate. Let’s just say she’s got a long road ahead of her.

No, seriously. That’s it. That’s her website. Want to make a donation to what’s already shaping up to be a super-professional and tech-savvy campaign? Too bad. You can’t.

The best her supporters can do right now is send email inquiries.

Good question. Wonder if donations fall under “inquiries.” Good Lord.

If this is the best Grimes has to offer, Sen. McConnell can probably rest easy for a little while.

Oh, it’s real. And it is not spectacular.


Double ouch.

Well, maybe she’ll fare better on Twitter:

In any event, one thing’s for sure: