Ingram is the former commissioner for the scandalicious IRS office responsible for tax-exempt organizations. She is now in charge of IRS implementation of Obamacare.

That doesn’t sit well with Georgia Rep. Tom Price. He is calling for Ingram’s suspension pending further investigation into her role in the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups:

From the official press release:

“There are still important questions to be answered regarding Ms. Ingram’s role in the systemic harassment of conservative and religious organizations by individuals within the department for which she was responsible at the IRS,” Rep. Tom Price said. “Reasonable people have legitimate doubts about the trustworthiness of the agency wholly, as well as concerns about Ms. Ingram’s previous leadership of the tax exemption department that would preclude her from being able to prudently and impartially enforce the rules and regulations of Obamacare. Until these questions are answered satisfactorily, Ms. Ingram’s employment at the IRS should be suspended.”