For some reason, the “Waiting to Exhale” author decided to share these thoughts with her Twitter followers this morning:


Needless to say, despite deleting the tweets, Ms. McMillan found herself in the hot seat:

She’s trying, at any rate:

Hey, some of her best friends are Mexican!

We believe she’s referring to the satirical 2004 film, “A Day Without a Mexican.”

Right. She stands for bigotry. Whoops.

Still, she had a handful of defenders:

But most people weren’t buying into her version of events:

Ouch. And what makes this look even worse is that McMillan was among those who slammed alleged racist Paula Deen:

Intellectual consistency is clearly not her strong suit.

McMillan departed with one last request:

Doesn’t seem like her Wednesday is shaping up to be a terribly forgiving one.

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