The IRS’ penchant for unfairly targeting certain political groups may have been worse and more far-reaching than we had originally thought? Color us shocked!

The AP reports that acting IRS chief Danny Werfel said recently “discovered inappropriate and wide-ranging criteria in lists screeners use to single out groups for careful examinations.”

More via USA Today:

Werfel said Monday that an internal IRS probe has turned up other, similar lists, which were in use by tax-exempt screeners when he took over as IRS chief at the end of May.

“There were a series of these types of lists being used in this part of the IRS as part of their review of tax-exempt applications,” Werfel said in a conference call with reporters. “We believe there continued to be inappropriate or questionable criteria on these BOLO lists.”

He declined to say what criteria or terms were on the additional BOLO lists, although he suggested they cast a wide net.

Werfel has reportedly suspended the use of BOLO lists.


Will he elaborate on his recent “discovery”? It may take some prodding. According to the AP, Werfel admits that there was “insufficient action” on the parts of IRS officials when it came to addressing the extra scrutiny of conservative groups, but he has “not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the IRS or involvement in these matters by anyone outside the IRS.”

Seriously, dude?

If that’s true, the IRS is even more inept than we thought:

No kidding. New Jersey GOP Rep. Frank LoBiondo sums up the revelations perfectly:




Findings from Werfel’s “review”:

And the White House has actually issued a statement this time around:


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