According to the Obama administration, teenage girls are adult enough to purchase the Plan B pill on their own, over the counter. But 25-year-old U.S. people? They’re still “young adults” — young adults who ought to be covered under their parents’ insurance plans:

FACT: There is nothing “adult” about dependence. And petulant man-children like Barack Obama are hardly qualified to judge others’ maturity.

Very. Many Americans are fed up with the Obama administration’s warped view of what it means to be an adult, and they’re not holding back their disgust:

Where does it stop?

Hey, why not?

Just pathetic. You know what, Mr. President, if you’re truly concerned with helping out “young adults,” quit pushing your health care disaster and think about all the ways you’re screwing up the economy. Young adults would really benefit from sound, sensible policy and being treated like, you know, adults.