Horrendous day? More like horrendous week. Man.

First, he suggested that Bobby Jindal might only be seen as intelligent because he’s Indian. He took a well-deserved beating for that one. A wise man would lay low for a while. But Matt just can’t help himself! This morning, the Slate writer shared his thoughts about Sen. Rand Paul speaking at Howard University earlier this yeaer:

Wait — he didn’t really say that, did he?

Oh yes he did:

For crying out loud. What is it with Yglesias and race? And does he honestly think he can get away with this kind of garbage?

Seriously. Yglesias is full of you-know-what, and Twitter users are making sure he knows it:


Oh, he’ll do you one better: he’ll whine about people picking on him by pointing out his idiocy.

Boohoo. Anyone have the world’s smallest violin handy?





Bless his heart.