Is Matt Yglesias’ reputation for douchebaggery underestimated? You be the judge.

This afternoon, the Slate economics writer and crackerjack lefty offered up this profound musing on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

If we tried, we couldn’t possibly dream up something that illustrative of the leftist mindset when it comes to non-white conservatives. It’s stunning. Truly:

Of course, Yglesias can’t stand being called out on his blatant bigotry:

So taking offense at the idea that Jindal is only seen as smart because of his ethnicity is “bogus outrage”?

And the best part? Mr. Smartypants himself was forced to admit that he knew diddly-squat about Jindal before spewing his garbage:

Seriously. Take a gander at these tweets:


Yeah. Good thing his follow-up “research” told him that it’s possible that Jindal is, in fact, an intelligent man.

But of course. Somehow, the dustup he’s found himself in is white conservatives’ fault.

Shut your pie-hole, Matt, and take a seat. School is in session:

Twitter users have some questions of their own for the ethnicity and intelligence expert:

But if it’s answers Yglesias is looking for, here’s a good one:

Oh, snap.