With Kanye West threatening to suck up all the publicity with a new baby and a new album — the humbly titled “Yeezus,” a mash-up of the names Kanye and Jesus — it was Jay-Z’s turn to make a move. Viewers tuned into last night’s NBA finals game were blessed to witness a truly momentous event, courtesy of the self-proclaimed “genius” himself: a teaser for his upcoming album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” set for release on Independence Day. On July 4, one million Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II users will get the album for free.

Check out the action if you’re so inclined:

Since the teaser premiered, Jay-Z has been tweeting up a storm; well, relatively speaking. He’s generally pretty quiet on Twitter (as opposed to in real life) but he can’t seem to control his bubbling enthusiasm for, well, himself. And for the “new rules” by which he and his colleagues are releasing music in a post-CD era.

Jay-Z was obviously impressed by Kanye’s promotional blitz for “Yeezus,” which saw his video for single “New Slaves” projected on the sides of buildings around the world, and culminated in an invitation-only premiere party on a Manhattan loading dock last week, attended by Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

And with shout-outs issued for rappers J. Cole and Wale, we’re done here.

Wait — no more “genius” tweets til 2014? What’re we supposed to do now? Maybe think up some more #newrules: