Attorneys for George Zimmerman, who is accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, believe that the prosecution withheld evidence that could potentially aid in their client’s defense. To that end, Zimmerman’s team subpoenaed Ben Kruidbos, the IT director in state attorney Angela Corey’s office, to testify today at a hearing about deleted photos and messages he recovered from Martin’s cell phone.

The often sympathetic, saintly portrait of Martin has been called into question before, but Kroidbos’ testimony today casts the 17 year old in an even more disturbing light:

It’s important to note that Kroidbos’ testimony has yet to be confirmed. We don’t know for sure that the photos even exist, or, if they do, that the women depicted were underage. But what is clear is that the media’s initial pictures of a bright-eyed, smiling boy may have belied Martin’s true identity, and it’s time for those pictures to be brought into focus.