Oh, Musket … don’t you know better than to bite the hand that feeds you?

Dana Loesch may have been the only reason anyone watched Piers Morgan’s low-rated talk show, but he’s putting the kibosh on any future interactions with her.

Following the news that an unarmed British soldier was beheaded in broad daylight, Loesch, an ardent proponent of self-defense, took a page from the liberal handbook and sarcastically asked if the attacker was an NRA member. After all, the Left’s knee-jerk response to deadly crimes is to blame the NRA, right?

Self-righteous Piers was appalled — appalled — that Loesch would go there:

That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who said this:

Oh yes. That happened.

Piers went on to huff and puff about the perils of bringing politics into discussion of cold-blooded murder:

Really, Piers? Respect? Let’s talk about respect.

Bingo. The truth hurts. And it’s the straw that broke lying liar Morgan’s back:

Ah, Piers … you’re only punishing yourself!

Oh, snap!


No kidding. When it comes to endangering the lives of British soldiers, Piers is in no position to cast stones:

Ace of Spades with the checkmate:



Ace continues the epic throttling:


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