Well, give BuzzFeed credit for trying … and failing. We’ve learned from experience to be skeptical when headlines use the adjectives “GOP” or “Republican” as shorthand. The numbers don’t always add up, but some things just feel Republican sometimes, you know?

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.35.57 PM

BuzzFeed reporter Kate Nocera’s tweet linking to the story actually manages to be more accurate than the headline itself.

Yes, the Democrats enjoyed the vast majority of the union’s cash, as the article notes. GOP candidates got less from the union than current IRS Obamacare chief Sarah Hall Ingram made in a single bonus check. But what’s “interesting” about Democrats being in bed with the IRS union?

The National Treasury Employee’s Union, the union that represents IRS employees, gave $16,500 to current Republican members of Congress last cycle. Additionally, the union gave $6,500 to candidates who lost or retired, according to OpenSecrets.

Granted, that’s not even close to the near $392,000 they gave to Democratic candidates, but it’s interesting considering the NRCC is calling on House Democrats to “give back this tainted money.”

But still.


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