Stomp that foot, Tamara!

Holder appeared last night on “Hannity” to face off against Live Action’s Lila Rose, who recently released damning undercover video of a New York abortion worker advocating infanticide. Unfortunately — though not surprisingly — rather than condemning the worker’s casual attitude toward a culture of death, Holder instead attacked Rose and insisted that what the abortion worker described does not constitute infanticide.’s Katie Pavlich was disgusted:

(Be sure to watch the whole video — it’s genuinely maddening.)

Holder didn’t appreciate being called out for her rudeness, and she threatened to take her grievances to the “powers that be,” whoever they are:

Let’s just say Holder’s tweet didn’t have Pavlich quaking in her boots. Katie continued to bring the smackdown:

Oh, ouch! We might actually be offended on Katie’s behalf if we could manage to stop gigglesnorting.

When it comes to engaging in educated debate, Holder just can’t hold her own.

Holder could learn a great deal from Pavlich.

Hear, hear!



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