As Twitchy reported, Lila Rose and Live Action have released a stunning video showing a New York abortion counselor advocating infanticide.

Now, Media Matters and Amanda Marcotte are exposing themselves as pro-abortion zealots:

Defending the abortion worker — and attacking Live Action:

More from Media Matters’ Simon Maloy:

Live Action and its founder, Lila Rose, have a long, disreputable history of perpetrating hoaxes and concocting false allegations against abortion rights supporters, Planned Parenthood in particular.

MMFA’s Jeremy Holden writes:

Lila Rose, the proprietor of the group Live Action and a veteran anti-choice crusader with a long history of mounting deceptive campaigns targeting abortion rights, released a video on April 28 of an undercover activist’s experience at a New York women’s health clinic that she dishonestly said illustrated “illegal and inhuman practices” that should lead to a murder investigation.

But the conversations documented by Live Action have absolutely nothing to do with the realities of abortion in America. Medical practitioners in both videos make clear that the situation they are ostensibly discussing — what they do when a fetus survives a late-term abortion — is something they have never had to deal with. So the entire conversation is now based on a hypothetical scenario cooked up by Lila Rose to demonize abortion providers.

If any bias is at play, it is a bias in favor of sensationalism, allowing anti-choice activists to make the entire discussion of reproductive health defined by an exceptionally rare procedure in order to achieve their political ends.

Got that? Rose and Live Action are nothing but rabid “anti-choice activists” whose concerns are purely political.

Media Matters’ “research fellow” Oliver Willis was all too happy to perpetuate that lie:

What about the choice to protect life? Only in a leftist’s twisted mind could anti-infanticide become “anti-choice.”

Oliver must subscribe to Amanda Marcotte’s newsletter.

Speaking of Marcotte, she also stopped by to dig in her claws:

Par for the radical feminist course:

Live Action is courageously shedding light on the culture of death that permeates abortion clinics. MMFA, Marcotte, and their ilk would prefer that they didn’t. It’s far easier to ignore the women who died allegedly at Gosnell’s hands, or the millions of babies — yes, Amanda, that includes baby girls — whose lives, for decades, have been snuffed out. But pro-life activists aren’t going to look the other way.

Like a glove.

In their exposé, Rose and Live Action not only revealed ugly truths about the abortion industry; they exposed the ugliness that lurks in the hearts of the pro-abortion Left.

It certainly does.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify the source of the block quotes.