Wonder if he had any idea how prescient that tweet would prove to be.

In a move that is sure to prevent future terrorist attacks, the hugely popular cookware retailer is stepping up to the plate and temporarily removing pressure cookers from shelves in its Massachusetts stores:

Authorities believe the Tsarnaev brothers constructed pressure cooker bombs to carry out their deadly attack at the Boston Marathon, so it stands to reason that selling similar pots would be disrespectful:

“It’s a temporary thing out of respect,” said Kent, who is the Store Manager of the Williams-Sonoma at the Natick Mall. He referred Patch to corporate for further questions. Williams-Sonoma also has a local branch at Legacy Place in Dedham.

Oh. Dear. Lord.


Why stop at pressure cookers, though? There are plenty of other assault kitchen utensils and cookware out there:

Needless to say, Twitterers don’t have much respect for Williams-Sonoma:


Hey Williams-Sonoma, here’s something to consider while you’re punishing Massachusetts cooks:

There you go.