Sen. Bob Menendez tried — unsuccessfully, as it turned out — to block a resolution honoring the late Margaret Thatcher. But he’s not the only powerful Dem who has issues showing respect:

That’s right. President Obama is not sending a single member of his administration to represent the United States at Lady Thatcher’s funeral.

It’s worth noting that Obama has a history of dissing Britain, and this latest move isn’t likely to score him points with Thatcher admirers:

Former defence secretary Dr Liam Fox, Lady Thatcher’s closest ally in modern-day politics, said: ‘I think it would be both surprising and disappointing if after President Obama’s fulsome tribute to Lady Thatcher, the American administration did not send a senior serving member to represent them.’

Sir Gerald Howarth, chairman of the Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward group of MPs and peers, said: ‘The bonds forged between the UK and the US through Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher was instrumental in ending the Cold War and liberating millions of people.

‘That the present administration feels unable to be represented as the world marks the extraordinary contribution Margaret Thatcher made will be a source of disappointment to those who served with her in that great endeavour.

Many conservatives on this side of the Atlantic are frustrated and angry:

As several Twitterers pointed out, the president didn’t seem to have an issue sending representatives to tyrant Hugo Chavez’s funeral:

Chavez despised freedom; Thatcher championed it.

So why can’t the president show the Iron Lady the respect she deserves and send at least one senior administration official to honor her on his behalf?

According to the Daily Mail, the president’s decision was made prior to yesterday’s bombings in Boston, and a U.S. Embassy spokesman cites gun control legislation as the reason the president can’t afford to spare anyone. He’s just too busy worrying about our guns.

But here’s another theory: