At long last, the president has revealed his so-called “budget,” and, as expected, it’s a winner:


Reduced federal spending? Heavens! We can’t have that!

And no one is more serious about deficit reduction than Barack Obama.

So, what are all these “investments” and “infrastructure” going to cost us, Mr. President?


Movin’ on up!

But he’s serious about deficit reduction!

Balance is overrated, anyway. Let’s hear more about these new taxes:

Cigarettes are bad for our children! And the president needs more Americans to take up smoking — for the children:

Smokers, what you’re doing to our youth is evil! And, in order for Big Government to fund their education, you need to keep on puffing.

Good question.

And the less fortunate no longer need to worry about being left out of the economic debate. Their contributions will be integral to the program’s success:

Look. The national debt is already projected to reach over $25 trillion in the next ten years. We totally need these taxes in order to prevent the debt from climbing even higher. Right?