It takes a village to raise a child — and a liberal teacher to mold his mind. Welcome to IndoctriNation.

Earlier, we told you about the Wisconsin public school district that’s using crossword puzzles to teach eighth-graders that conservatism restricts personal freedom, but why should middle schools have all the fun? Tweeter Rhonda Matthews shared this photo of what her high schooler was being taught:

Here’s what Matthews’ son had to say:

So, in a lesson on media bias, the teacher ignored all but one media outlet. Not exactly a balanced approach, is it?

Colleges can rest easy knowing that high schools are doing their part to make incoming students’ minds nice and receptive to leftism.

But hopefully not for long. Fortunately, there are educators who stand firm against leftist indoctrination:

We agree. Teachers taking advantage of their positions to push propaganda need to be exposed.

So are we.


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