As Twitchy reported, a federal judge has ruled that the FDA must make the morning-after pill available to girls and women of any age — without a prescription. While many Americans are rightly concerned about the ramifications of this decision, femme-a-gogues far and wide couldn’t be more thrilled.

Count Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene among those jumping for joy. This afternoon, she breathlessly gushed to Megyn Kelly about how “empowering” this will be for young women:

“This is allowing young women, empowering them … It’s perfectly healthy. A 17-year-old can go in and buy Advil. They should be able to buy this pill as well.”

In what universe? Is this real life?

Greene bristled at being called out for her dangerous idiocy:

Where’s yours from, Jehmu? And since when do you need a medical degree to know that it’s dangerous — on many levels — to make the morning-after pill easily accessible to young girls? This isn’t just a moral issue; it’s also a health issue.

But hey — at least we’re not dealing with Sudafed, right?

And therefore Plan B is safe?

It’s not empowering. It’s not healthy. It’s twisted.