The whiners are out in full force after conservative warrior Dana Loesch absolutely roasted Piers Morgan — and Van Jones (whose political affiliation, by the way, was conspicuously omitted) — last night in a gun control debate.

Witness the smackdown in all its glory (via Jim Hoft):

Are you not entertained??? We sure as hell are. It’s not every day you get to see a pompous blowhard get cut down to size in such spectacular fashion.

Morgan didn’t like that, of course:

Well, naturally! It’s what he does best:

Troll, baby, troll!

Is that a rhetorical question?

Wethinks you can’t admit defeat, Piers.

Loesch used Morgan’s own logic against him.

By falsely tying saving lives to the number of rounds allowed in a magazine Morgan inadvertently answered that he would prefer zero rounds in the chamber, using his logic and the standard of measurement he himself established.

In Morgan’s mind, that makes this an unfair fight. Truth be told, though, any fight requiring the use of intellect is unfair for Piers.

This is what deflection looks like.

Loesch wasn’t in any mood to put up with Morgan’s tantrums:



Maybe when he’s finished huffing and puffing. It could be a while. When he does decide to simmer down:

You’re not afraid of a little assault radio, are you Piers?



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