Hey, it worked for Ron Artest, right?

Last year, lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123 filed for bankruptcy after receiving $133 million of a $249 million taxpayer-funded DOE stimulus. Further cementing its rock-solid reputation, it was then purchased by Wanxiang, a Chinese auto parts manufacturer. The powers that be at A123 had to find a way to win back the public’s trust, but how? Why, a name change, of course!

As The Washington Free Beacon reports, A123 will henceforth be known as … B456.

Guess they held their focus group sessions on Sesame Street.

According to Dan Primack, who writes for Fortune.com, an A123 spokesperson insists that the name change isn’t really a name-change-name-change:

Evidently, A123/B456 takes us all for fools.

Oh, it’s real. But not terribly spectacular.