This morning, D.C. Councilman Marion Barry was not happy with the National Park Service. At least that’s what his Twitter feed suggests:

The NPS is currently hunting deer in Rock Creek Park in order to cull the growing herd. And, appallingly, while the deer population control controversy is in full swing, Fingerhut’s retail catalog is advertising a gun!

What? The nerve! How can we stand for this? Something must be done:

MOFO of the month? Ouch.

To his credit, Barry has since apologized to the NPS, telling the WaPo that he didn’t actually send out any of the tweets; someone with access to his account did. He declined to name names (maybe it was his ghost-tweeter). He also said that while he regrets the salty language, he remains firmly opposed to the deer hunt.

He has not, however, apologized to Fingerhut. Oh, and did we mention that whoever is manning Barry’s Twitter account failed to notice that the gun in question is actually a BB/pellet gun? Whoops.

The distinction is of little consequence, though. In the end, all guns still kill people:

Barry’s got quite a crusade ahead of him:




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