Ah, yes. Right on cue.

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today on same-sex marriage. With SCOTUS getting all the attention, what’s a shamelessly narcissistic president to do? Why, find a way to make it all about him, of course! [Editor’s note: Since @BarackObama is no longer officially affiliated with President Obama, please disregard the previous two sentences and see the editor’s note at the end of this post.] This morning, the OFA-manned @BarackObama Twitter account breathlessly shared this pic extolling the (r)evolver in chief:

Hey, the gay marriage issue is a big deal to many people — but not nearly as big a deal as Barack Obama.

It’s all about him, America.


Editor’s note: Just to reiterate, the verified Twitter account that bears Barack Obama’s name is managed by an “independent organization.” While questions remain about just how independent it is, there is no indication that the president had a hand in crafting the tweet in this post.



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