National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar is no stranger to Kimberlin’s cyberbullying tactics. Last year, Kimberlin supporters went after Akbar and his family. Now, Akbar is alleging that Neal Rauhauser, an associate of Kimberlin’s, and other Occupiers and cyberbullies are setting their sights on the upcoming Blog Bash:

My Blog Bash staff and I have been monitoring their online chatter for weeks now. They’ve harassed our sponsors, tried hacking into our personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, and now they’re trying to stop the National Bloggers Club from hosting our annual gathering of bloggers, Blog Bash.

According to Akbar, the venue hosting Blog Bash received a call recently from a man named “Neal”:

He called to gather information about Blog Bash, knowing that all of us will be in one room for the first time ever. He tried scaring them. This is harassment and nothing short of a threat.

Today, Akbar is taking to Twitter to spread the word about the potential threat:

And to make clear that he and his fellow bloggers will not be intimidated:

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