Wisc. Democratic Party spokesman compares Gov. Walker to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer; Update: Tweets deleted, apology issued

Posted at 7:06 pm on March 01, 2013 by Sarah D.

Hooooo boy.

After nearly three years, a secret investigation into alleged illegal campaign activity among Gov. Scott Walker’s former aides has closed. Walker has not been charged, and many Wisconsin liberals aren’t pleased:

Graeme Zielinski, who somehow landed the title of communications director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, has a history of making sensational claims about Walker. Last year, he suggested that Walker defended criminals who commit “boy rape.” Today, he took it even further:

According to Zielinski’s Twitter bio, he’s a former writer for The Onion. Too bad today’s rant isn’t a parody.

Several Wisconsin Democrats are rightly condemning Zielinski’s remarks:

And Walker, for his part, doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered:


Update: Zielinski deleted his tweets and apologized to Gov. Walker and Dahmer’s victims.