When it comes to jackassery, Media Mattersresearch fellowOliver Willis is no slouch. And today, he’s once again showcasing his knack for the asinine. When the Violence Against Women Act expired at the beginning of this year, the House GOP shouldered the blame for prolonging the “war on women.” Today, the highly flawed legislation passed in the House, 286-138, with 87 Republicans voting in favor.

Because not enough Republicans voted for the legislation until today and many once again voted against it, according to logical acrobat Willis, it stands to reason that the GOP helps rapists and pedophiles:

Yes, they’re disgraces to their party. Unlike alleged woman-and-child-abuser Jim Moran, who voted in favor of the VAWA.

It’s such a shame, though, that Willis doesn’t have any outrage left to direct at the legislation itself. The VAWA is fraught with problematic provisions that will do nothing to curb violence against women and that may, in fact, violate citizens’ right to due process. Fortunately, reality-based lifeforms aren’t letting Willis off the hook:


Not as far as we can tell.

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