Code Pinkos have been outspoken critics of the Obama Administration’s use of unmanned drones, but, darn it, very few people seem to be taking them seriously.

Until now, that is. The costumeloving lady parts have recruited super-credible comedian and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart to help spread their message:

The question is, what wouldn’t he do? In an “e-alert,” Stewart writes:

I got a call from my friend Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK. She saw that my correspondent Aasif Mandvi had the memos and wanted us to release them. But ever since he read them, Aasif’s been too scared to come out from under his desk. So Medea asked me to join her in demanding that Congress do something. Naturally, I said no. I’m a comedian, not an activist. But then she said I could have one of the giant vaginas she sometimes wears and I said “absolutely.” As a virile man, I’d do anything for a vagina.

So join me in calling on Patrick Leahy — the big, bald-headed Democrat who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee — to get his hands on those drone memos. If he does, he’ll be doing us a public service. And he can have my vagina.


Yes, finally. Sure took him long enough to wait into political waters.

Keep those fingers crossed!

Le swoon!

Whatta guy.


Comedy Central told The Hollywood Reporter that the “e-alert” was not written by Stewart or anyone else at the network.

Code Pink has not responded to THR’s report on Twitter.

Twitchy apologizes for attributing the counterfeit letter to Stewart.