President Obama took his perpetual campaign on the road this afternoon to scare the workers at Newport News Shipbuilding about the looming sequestration cuts.

Well, no wonder they’re glum! You see, according to Obama, if the minor spending cuts go into effect, we’re in for a heap of trouble:

Meat cleaver? Violent rhetoric alert!

Why yes, yes he did.

Well, if you’re gonna get technical

Shipbuilders and Americans everywhere will ultimately wind up starving, homeless, or worse:

But let him be clear: the last thing we need is more manufactured crises:

Or blame-gaming:

No sirree!

Just kidding!

But just so y’all know, he’s still as humble as ever:

So we can be grateful for that. We’re not nearly as grateful, however, that we’ve still got nearly four more years of this garbage:



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