Twitchy has extensively documented the disgusting moral cockroaches celebrating alleged murderer Chris Dorner. But something was missing from #TeamDorner: credibility. Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill is up to filling that void. Hill told a CNN panel today that watching the Chris Dorner saga unfold has been “like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life. It’s kind of exciting!”

Huh? What, pray tell, is exciting about a cold-blooded killer senselessly taking lives? Hill may fancy himself an academic, but he desperately needs to be taken to school. Townhall columnist and author Katie Pavlich is leading the charge:

In the course of defending himself against Pavlich, Hill suggests that Dorner’s actions provoked a helpful conversation on “police terrorism.”

He includes an obligatory denunciation of Dorner’s alleged murders, but uses the term “terrorism” only when discussing the police.

At the same time, he explicitly rejects the notion that Dorner is a terrorist:

Pavlich boils it down:

Hill has a history of propping up murderers:

Now he’s pathetically attempting to walk back his outrageous remarks:

You want a public conversation, Dr. Hill? Those with morals are more than willing to give you one:

Heaven help us.