As Twitchy reported, thousands of people flooded Cowboys Stadium today to pay their respects to slain hero Chris Kyle. But President Obama has yet to pay his respects. Since Kyle’s tragic death on February 2, Obama has remained conspicuously silent. Twitterers have taken notice and are voicing their disgust:

Indeed it is. Clearly, the president can’t be bothered to acknowledge that we’ve lost a true hero. Then again, maybe he’s just waiting for one of his speechwriters to find a way to make the statement all about him.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, meanwhile, issued this statement earlier today:

“Chris Kyle was the public face of an anonymous breed of American warrior who are handed the hardest missions and assume the largest risks. Chris was among the very best at what he did, and he saved countless American lives in the process. Our state and our nation suffered a profound loss with his passing. I am honored to have known Chris and to have called him my friend.  Anita and I send our deepest condolences to his wife, Taya, his children and the thousands of service members that were his extended family.”