POTUS ‘n Uncle Joe have a big job ahead of them, what with having to grab all those guns and assault magazines. And new media outlets — like that pesky Twitchy, no doubt — certainly aren’t making their task any easier. That’s why, at a Philadelphia presser today, Vice President Biden called on the “legitimate news media” to do their part to push hard for gun control:

“The president and I are going to continue to travel the country,” Biden explained, “so that what we’re proposing can’t be misrepresented.”

“To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on you – the legitimate news media — to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed,” Biden added.

You bet they’ve changed. These days, the “real journalists” that make up “legitimate news media” (who knew there was such a thing?) have serious competition from lowly bloggers when it comes to reporting on reality. And the White House desperately needs media lapdogs to dutifully bury all those inconvenient truths.