Unbelievable. The king of exploiting death for cheap laughs and political points is urging Americans not to joke about alleged murderer Chris Dorner’s bizarre manifesto. That’s pretty rich coming from a man who joked that he was “gleeful” about the Newtown massacre and boasted about standing on dead children’s graves. He continues:

Since it was revealed earlier today that Dorner’s manifesto contained praise for Morgan and calls for gun control, many have been pushing, generally mockingly, for Morgan to accept some responsibility for the murders. After all, that’s the sort of logic Morgan swears by. Back in 2011, Morgan voiced his outrage that Sarah Palin had not apologized to Rep. Gabby Giffords for Jared Loughner’s deadly shooting spree.

While we do not believe that Morgan is in any way culpable for Dorner’s actions, we are disgusted that Morgan suddenly condemns looking at a killer’s political motivations. Why the double standards, Piers?




Musket Morgan is back aboard the gun control train:

Yes. It’s worth noting that, in his manifesto, Dorner calls for an assault weapons ban. Morgan appears to have overlooked that minor detail.



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