Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley doesn’t care much for the Second Amendment, and to that end, he’s hoping to tighten the vise around legal gun owners. O’Malley claims to want to keep guns out of criminals’ hands, but in reality, the legislation he proposes will only hurt the lawful:

Mr. O’Malley, a Democrat, will testify before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in favor of his bill, which would also ban assault weapons, limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds and require prospective gun buyers to complete a safety course and pay a $100 application fee.

Unbelievable. Gov. O’Malley’s in dire need of a reality check — and today, he’s getting one. Gun rights activists are swarming the streets of Annapolis to defend their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Democratic politicians these days seem to view the Constitution as nothing but a hindrance to their tyrannical ends, but we know better.

Loud and clear.

Kudos to these defenders of freedom!