Sen. McCain gets a little punchy sometimes. This morning, he jokingly likened terrorist-astronaut-wannabe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a monkey.

He didn’t quite get the reaction he’d hoped for, and followed up with this:

But that didn’t cut it for race-obsessed libs:

Not everyone was quite so offended:


Isn’t it, though? Not like libs would ever compare a world leader to a monkey, right?

If libs would quit huffing and puffing long enough to let their race goggles defog, they might actually have an opportunity to do some much needed introspection.

Look: was it a terrific joke? No. Will it launch McCain’s stand-up career? No. Was it racist? No. The most offensive thing about what McCain wrote is that, given the material he had to work with, he could’ve come up with something much funnier. Certainly funnier than anything humor-starved lefties could muster.