As our readers are well aware, Twitchy has extensively documented the lengths to which the leftist media will go to to propagate false narratives in order to damage conservatives. And, when called out, very few of them have the moral fortitude to own up to their mistakes. Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin took to Twitter this afternoon to illustrate that very point:

We did indeed make a mistake — and we took responsibility for it:

The same cannot be said of many in the liberal media:

Exactly. The engineered frenzy over Giffords’ statement on gun control — which was in fact written by Giffords’ speech therapist — was designed to provoke emotional reactions.

And that payment came in the form of mud-slinging from lefties, outraged that anyone would dare hold their precious media accountable:

No. These so-called “cherry-picked” members of the liberal media aren’t random no-names; they’re prominent voices for the political left. Award-winning journalists and media mavens with hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers. Not only is it disingenuous to downplay their reach and their impact on public perception, but it’s downright insulting to those of us who have to sift through their garbage every day just to uncover some semblance of the truth.


Let them pour their derision on truth-seekers for being “just bloggers.” In the end, the Left is only exposing itself as a haven for colossal frauds.

We won’t let them.



This post wasn’t written specifically with Christiane Amanpour in mind, but it very well could have been. The ABC and CNN Global Affairs anchor was among those who breathlessly tweeted out a photo of what was supposedly Gabby Giffords’ handwritten testimony.!/camanpour/status/296697284186472448

When informed that Giffords did not in fact write it herself, Amanpour did what any self-respecting journalist of integrity would do:

We’d call it unbelievable, except this sort of cowardice is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the liberal media.

Something tells us we shouldn’t hold our breath.



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