As Twitchy reported, President Obama plans to weave children into a human shield when he announces his gun-grabbing plans tomorrow, and he’ll be supplementing that shield with armed guards. He is the president, after all. His life warrants protection. But so do ours. And Matt Drudge couldn’t help but notice that when Obama ascends his soapbox to preach on the evils of guns and the importance of taking ours away, he will essentially declare our lives to be worth less than his. Why should Obama be afforded the constitutional right that he is working so hard to keep from us?

Drudge zeroed in on the president’s blatant hypocrisy, but lefties can’t handle it when The One is called out, much less by a media titan:

Also, raaaaaaacist!

Compelling rebuttals there, guys.

Drudge is absolutely right: President Obama really does fancy himself a king of sorts, tucked away safely in a fortress and shielded from our troubles.