Clearly not content to come in second place to the privacy-violating jerks at the Journal News, Gawker has published a list of all legal gun owners in New York City in 2010:

So lawful gun owners are “assholes”? Stay classy, Gawker.

Gun rights advocates are rightly outraged:

And some are wondering when the “real journalists” at Gawker will get to other lists:

It’s gonna be a while. Hope you brought a book.

We’re not sure when those who follow the law and exercise their Constitutional rights came to be considered the most vile members of our society, but it seems to us that Gawker’s more than happy to have played a role in populating that bizarro notion. How absolutely disgusting.



Gawker’s John Cook has modified the headline of his “article”:

Gawker headline

Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! Pathetic.