Over the weekend, On Friday, gossip site TMZ released photos of Justin Bieber purportedly smoking a joint. The thought of their idol smoking marijuana was apparently more than some Bieber fans could handle, and today, a young woman an Internet troll tweeted that she would kill herself if the story was true.

(Warning: Graphic images)


It seems there are others making similar threats:

The #cutforbieber hashtag is now trending nationwide:


Some Twitterers are taking the opportunity to mock those threatening to hurt themselves:

But most are disgusted and horrified:

It’s unclear as to whether this is part of a hoax, but regardless, it’s absolutely sick. We pray that no one comes to any harm.

(Editor’s note: The word “purportedly” was added to the title to reflect questions about the photo’s origin and the first paragraph was amended to indicate that this was the work of a troll.)



It appears that the tweet that set the cutting campaign in motion was sent out by a troll.


The user’s Twitter bio includes a link to the nasty Gay Nigger Association of America anti-blogging group. Moreover, the image in the initial tweet has been used before.


4chan is evidently responsible for launching the sick #cutforbieber hashtag:

How thoroughly disgusting that someone would resort to faux self-harm threats for kicks and attention.

We sincerely hope that vulnerable young people who took this seriously did not actually hurt themselves.



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