Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Christie ripped John Boehner and the House GOP for failing to pass the pork-packed Sandy relief bill. Today, the House passed legislation providing $9.7 billion in Sandy relief.

The Senate is expected to take up the legislation this afternoon, but some conservatives are wondering why Christie isn’t busting Harry Reid’s chops and calling a press conference to tell the Senate to get a move on immediately:


Oh, snap. Inquiring minds want to know, Governor.

Blogger RB has come out swinging, demanding action on Christie’s part. It’s only fair, after all:

Isn’t it, though? Governor Christie has so far maintained his silence, but RB’s criticism isn’t sitting well with an unverified Twitter user who says he’s Christie’s brother, Todd:


Go figure.

Sure looks that way.



Governor Christie has finally acknowledged the bill’s passing in the House:

The Senate has unanimously passed the bill:

The House plans to hold a vote on an additional $51 billion January 15.