Sure got dicey there for a while! Boehner had some stiff competition — from Nancy Pelosi:

Making a mockery of America? Nancy Pelosi totally fits the bill!

But not all Dems thought Nancy was fit for the job:

Yes, that Colin Powell.

Good times.

Boehner didn’t exactly get unanimous support from his party, either:

But those weren’t enough to keep him down.

Indeed. Surprising few people, Boehner pulled off the win:

There was a time, yes.

As were many others. Schweikert was purged from the Financial Services Committee last month.

Some Republicans who initially abstained or weren’t present wound up casting their vote for Boehner during clean-up:

GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney remained silent:

Despite the supposed bad blood between them, Eric Cantor congratulated Boehner on his win:

Boehner expressed his gratitude for the victory:

But some wondered if he was really all that grateful:

In any event, now that he’s won, despite their beefs with him, many conservatives are offering Boehner their support:

Looks like he’ll be sticking around for a while.