Well, anyone hoping that Chris Christie would use his soapbox to shine a spotlight on the porktastic components of the failed Sandy relief bill got hung out to dry. At his presser today, Christie railed against John Boehner and the House GOP for scrapping the bill:

And by “work together,” he means “blame Congressional Republicans for everything.”

Christie said that he attempted to contact John Boehner several times and was met with silence:

But perhaps Boehner was busy with other things:

According to Christie, though, the fiscal cliff was just a big nothingburger:



Could very well be.

While Christie accused House Republicans of playing politics:


He failed to notice his own political posturing:


Not only that, but when confronted about the outrageous amount of pork in the relief bill, Christie refused to acknowledge the truth, dismissing criticism as “talking points”:


When Christie finally did acknowledge the presence of pork, he minimized its significance, reserving his outrage for Republicans:


Many conservatives well aware of Christie’s more liberal proclivities were nonetheless shocked by his outright GOP-bashing:

Where was his outrage at Harry Reid?

Or the vacationing President Obama?

No time for that. Must target the GOP.


He certainly didn’t win many Republican fans today.


Politician or not, today’s diatribe did not endear him to proponents of fiscal responsibility.