Self-proclaimed “objective” journalist Mika Brzezinski had the vapors today after GOP Rep. Tim Huelskamp appeared on “Morning Joe.” Twitchy — where we do our best to hold the media accountable for what they put forth — reported on Brzezinski’s decidedly un-objective conduct. And, well, that didn’t sit well with “real reporters” at Mediaite:

No, Andrew. We don’t think so. At all. But you know who does? Mika Brzezinski.

“What I think people like is that while we both come from different ideological standpoints, our objective is to be objective.”


Clearly an avid Twitchy reader. We certainly never have any fun around here.

Mediaite founding editor Colby Hall and our old pal Tommy Christopher rounded out the intellectual jam session:

Anyone have a mirror?

Actually, Tommy, there are nine of us chimps in the Twitchy tree. But unlike you, we don’t spend our days flinging poo.

That’d be Dickens, actually, if we’re gonna get nitpicky. Not Shakespeare. But we digress.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Quick! Someone find a waiter for us to tip.

It’s generally easier to ignore stupidity, but where’s the fun in that? Twitchy’s fearless leader Michelle Malkin kindly stepped in to inject a little truth:

Exactly. Mediaite might not care to fully cover the media, but we do.

A parting thought from one of our resident chimpanzees:

Oh, snap.



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